Hedges Trimmed To Perfection

Here at Archers Tree Care, we know that your hedges need to look perfect and we only provide the best in hedge trimming and bush trimming services in Nottingham. We can provide maintenance agreements where we can come every month, 2 months or 3 months and trim your bushes and hedges back for you at an agreed affordable monthly price or annual, whatever suits you.

  • Tree Removal

  • Tree Reduction

  • Crown Thinning

  • Crown Reduction/Shaping

  • Deadwood Removal

  • Tree Pruning

  • Hedge Cutting

  • Stump Grinding & Removal

  • All tree work covered

  • Dangerous & Dead Trees Removed

  • Tree Planting & Maintenance

  • Stump Removal Specialist

  • Crane Work and Equipment

  • Pruning and Trimming

  • All Hedges & Shrubs Reshaped

  • All Waste Removed From Site

  • Tree Felling & Removal

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